Reporting an Abuse

SqueezePages is a utility that provides webpages with an easy to use page editor. Much of the content hosted on this site is created by our members. You will be able to identify members pages by the number in the URL e.g. would refer to a members page.

The content on a members page is created and maintained by our members and is not monitored or endorsed in any way by SqueezePages.

Reporting an Abuse

If you feel offended by any content on our members pages and/or you feel that a member has broken any of our Content Policies or Terms and Conditions you can notify us as follows. We need:

  1. The exact url of the page you want to report (copy and paste it from your browser),
  2. A brief description of what you feel is offensive and or an abuse,
  3. The word Violation in the subject line (e.g. Policy Violation),
  4. All this emailed to:

Please note that we are committed to maintaining the quality of our members pages but we cannot guarantee that we will reply or take any action on receipt of any such notification.





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